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Vissenger: messages that move

Easy, fun video messages

Send video messages to friends and family, for free.

  • Hit "Record your video message now".
  • Capture your message or special moment.
  • Send it to any email address.
Your video message appears in your recipient’s inbox, where they can view and reply at their convenience.
Vissenger: record a video message

Sharing family moments with Vissenger

Record a video message from any device

Capture special moments when they happen. Vissenger works on desktop and on mobile. You don’t need to download anything and there’s no need to worry about file size or attachments.

Send a video message to any email address

Unlike video chat, there is no need to schedule a time to catch up. You can send a video with Vissenger on your own time, and your friends can see your messages at their convenience. They don’t even need to sign up with Vissenger to play the messages you send.

Send video messages to family and friends with Vissenger

Receive video messages and video chat on your own time with family and friends with Vissenger

Receive replies from friends and family

Get video messages in your email inbox and connect with friends and family all over the world. Messages you’ve sent and received are saved in the cloud and conveniently organized in your Vissenger account for you to relive or reply to at any time.